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Adapter 104 for Raleno Light Source

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Adapter 104 for Raleno Light Source

The VALOI Adapter 104 is made to be used with the VALOI Advancer and cannot be used with the Holders alone. If you wish to use this light adapter without the Advancer, please add the VALOI Diffuser to your purchase as this can be used as an adapter.


Upgrade your setup with the VALOI Adapter 104 for the Raleno PLV-S104 light source and get a more complete, stable scanning solution that integrates perfectly with the Advancer.


  • Strong steel construction
  • Screws included to attach the Advancer on-top for a rigid structure
  • Adjustable rubber feet for good grip and levelling
  • Access to the Raleno PLV-S104 light source controls and charging port


The VALOI Adapter 104 is the perfect solution for the VALOI Advancer. It adapts an excellent and affordable video light source to work perfectly with your VALOI Advancer. It has the same rubber feet that the Advancer does, letting you adjust the corners for a perfectly parallel film and camera.

The Advancer screws right on-top of the Adapter 104 for a tight, rigid and stable structure, perfect for scanning. You will no longer have to balance your scanning rig ontop of an ill fitting light table.


The Adapter 104 is made out of the same material that the VALOI Advancer is: sheet steel bent to shape and welded in the corners, painted in the same black powder coating as the Advancer. It provides a flat, stable scanning platform for a better scanning experience and a more consistent result.

About the Light Source

The Raleno PLV-S104 is a popular light source in the camera scanning community because of the bright, high-CRI (95) light it gives. With it, you will be able to render accurate colours with high shutter speeds for less motion blur.

The downside of the light source that the back is not flat and so does not sit flat on the table. Therefore, we decided to make this adapter that will both hold the light flat but also add additional features - designed it to allow for the VALOI Advancer to be secured onto the Adapter 104 with screws - rigidity and stability is king when scanning.


About Valoi

Valoi was successfully funded on Kickstarter with over 100 000€ and over 800 backers.

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The VALOI 360 is a system of products that work together to help you digitize photographic roll film using a digital camera at home. It is designed to hold the film flat without touching the sensitive image area while allowing light to pass through from a light source underneath (sold separately). It will help you scan film quicker and, with the right setup, with higher quality than traditional flatbed scanners. While best used with uncut rolls of film it can also be used with strips down to 3 frames long.

The products are designed be upgradeable and user-repairable while also being made from sturdy materials, giving them a long life span and protecting the environment.